In the beginning, God

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

Margarita suffers. All her defeats paraded through her mind like sinister ants giving place to the fear. The consecutive failures return to her memory; they invade her world and the sore bleeds again. The Hispanic girl panics, believing she has no luck. She comes to the United States believing in“the American dream” but the years pass and nothing is achieved: she earns little money, she changes jobs constantly; none of her initiatives go well.

“Everyone is successful in this country but me,” she comments to her friends discouraged. “I’m just an unlucky person.”

Margarita is a young, hard-working person: she wakes up at dawn, works fourteen hours a day in two different jobs and comes back home at night exhausted. She has only the strength to take a bath and sleep. Her life’s routine is overwhelming. What does the future hold for her? She looked in the mirror and noticed some lines marked on her face. “I am getting older and I haven’t accomplished anything yet.” She feels sorry for herself.

What does today’s bible verse have to do with you, Margarita? Wipe your tears and try listening to the voice of your heavenly Father. In the beginning, there was nothing.“ Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters,” says verse 2. Do you understand? Only formless, empty and dark, almost nothing! But, then God appears and shapes heaven and earth. The universal scenario changes when God takes action.

What would happen in your life if you put God in the beginning? Have you ever wondered why you don’t achieve what you long for? Is it maybe because in your life there are only dreams, plans, and projects but not God? You fight alone, you work alone and you live alone. That is why you think your goals are unattainable.

Dare to place God at the beginning of your life and you’ll see that everything changes. Not on the outside. The circumstances that surround you may still seem adverse. The struggles or difficulties could remain the same, but you don’t. God works first on you. He puts your internal world in order, fills your empty heart and brings light to your life. He inspires you and fear disappears. Discouragement and doubt disappear as well. You begin to realize that adverse and apparently unjust circumstances are not as frightening as they seem.

Make this new year a “year of victory” and begin with God.

Written by: Pr. Alejandro Bullon
Translated by: Ruth Salas-Ramos
Edited by: Jonathan Doster

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